Projects and startup ideas that we are delivered

We implement a sofware based projects that is needed in certain area

National Lottery

Lottery game and selling application and Internal Management System


Postal System for Mongol Post Company


Postal System for the Postal companies that run busniness in Mongolia. Including Mongol Post, DHL and Fedex

Online Learning System

Online video, online exam, grading system, student registration

DHL - Package warehouse system

Warehouse system for international postals rearrange and hold for custom checks


Smartphone and web-based consumer to consumer marketplace for buying and selling new and secondhand goods.

UBCI - Internal System

Internal system for insurance company contract expiration and custumer payment tracking

My Sports

Smartphone based body training and health application


Video lesson, Video meeting and Live streaming based online learning platform

MB Garage

Smartphone based application for BENZ owners forum discussion and car service tracking

and we have more experience in various fields